Renault KOLEOS

Discover its performance

Performance overview
Engine type
Fuel type
Gearbox Max power (PS / rpm) Fuel consumption - combined cycle (L/100 km*)
New 7 Speed CVT 169 @ 6,000 8.1
New 7 Speed CVT 169 @ 6,000 8.3
*Based on NEDC combined cycle. Actual fuel consumption may vary depending on driving conditions .

Enjoy driving pleasure

Experience the powerful engine of the Koleos. Reliable and economical, it is equipped with the latest technologies developed by our engineers.

2.5L petrol engine

The KOLEOS is equipped with a 2.5L engine that offers rapid acceleration, responsiveness and fluidity. Perfect for drivers who expect their vehicle to not only be economical, but enjoyable to drive as well.

This efficient engine is capable of delivering maximum power of 171PS and peak torque of 226Nm.

New 7 Speed CVT

The New 7 Speed CVT automatic transmission offers fluid, responsive driving without interruption of torque. X-Tronic adjusts continuously while maintaining optimal engine speed and can also simulate gear shifts, producing even more powerful acceleration.

A wider gear ratio delivers excellent fuel economy, lower CO2 emissions, quieter driving at low speeds and stronger acceleration at higher revolutions.

2WD mode & Auto mode

In 2WD mode, only the front wheels will power the vehicle. It's designed for driving on sealed roads, maneuvering through city traffic or cruising down a highway. This mode delivers maximum fuel efficiency in safe driving conditions.

Use the auto mode when conditions are wet, slippery or the road surface is unsealed. Sensors will distribute torque between the front and rear wheels to match road conditions, reducing the chance of wheel spin. In tight cornering or braking situations, this mode will deliver optimum torque to the rear wheels.