Renault SYMBIOZ Concept

A fusion of vehicle and living space

With SYMBIOZ Concept, your car is no longer separate from your living space. It has been designed as a genuine extension to your home. Shapes, colours, materials, features... Everything is designed so that you feel like you never leave your lounge while you are travelling. And when you do stay at home, your car becomes an additional room for your house. The welcoming interior and digital features are always at your disposal.

An autonomous and connected electric future

A cocoon of comfort, SYMBIOZ takes the controls and takes you where you where you need to go with total peace of mind.

Self-driving in a mobile lounge
Thanks to its various self-driving modes, there's no more need for manual driving with SYMBIOZ... Just as an option, if you want to. In lounge mode, the front seats swivel 180° to offer you a brand new driving experience. If you couldn't see the landscape sweep past through the glass sunroof, you wouldn't even realise you were on the road.
A fully connected ecosystem
SYMBIOZ pushes connectivity and home automation to the extreme. Your home charges your car automatically and your car is able to cover your home's electricity needs. This interconnectivity allows car and home to recognise each other and anticipate their reciprocal needs. With SYMBIOZ, you can evolve in a digital ecosystem without any space restrictions, dedicated to making life easier.

Renault SYMBIOZ demo car

Experience tomorrow today - autonomous, electric and connected

Three driving modes and three journey experiences

Courtesy of the Renault MULTI-SENSE 3.0 system, an upgrades version of the current MULTI-SENSE system, the SYMBIOZ demo car features three driving modes:
  • Theclassic modeis the standard mode. Occupants are at one with the car and feel at home. The driving position is conventional and the car's settings are focused on comfort.
  • Thedynamic modeboosts driving sensations. Driving is more active and the driver's seat features additoinal lateral support for a bucket seat feel. The engine response, steering andchassis settings are all gearer towards a dynamic driving style.
  • TheAD modeoptiises the space available in front of the driver to permit a variety of hands-off activites. When theAD modeis switched on, the steering wheel and dashboard - which comes with a unique L-shaped display developed by LG- automatically move back 12 centimetres.
  • The driving mode is selected by pushing the Renault logo, which is lit up like a hologram in the middle of the steering wheel.
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