Eco efficient

Lean & green

At Renault, we believe strongly in designing vehicles that are both economical and ecologically sound. From the outset, each new project incorporates production processes, choice of materials, pollutant and CO2 emissions, fuel consumption and recycling .

Our actions

Renault's environmental policy

The more efficient an engine is, the more it respects the planet.

Renault's environmental policy is based on an understanding of the ecological challenges that our planet faces. This policy has three commitments:

  1. To be one of the world's top three carmakers for low emissions of CO2
  2. To offer a range of models powered by biofuels such as bioethanol and biodiesel
  3. To develop a wide range of technologies

Our technological advancements

Renault believes that technological advancements are the key to the ecological challenges that face us. This is why our engineers innovate to create low-consumption vehicles at attractive prices.
Recycling Renault strives to manufacture vehicles that are environmentally safer than ever before. One of Renault’s strengths is its capacity to integrate the environment into every stage of a vehicle project right from the design phase until the end of its life cycle. The eco-design of current Renault vehicles enables 95% of their weight to have a second life. It also means that an increasing number of components are made of recycled plastics and renewable materials.

The lifecycle of your car

Taking up the challenge

In February 2008, we created “Renault Environment”, a subsidiary that develops projects and partnerships in France and internationally, to optimise the final use of products. Our goal? To take into account the entire life cycle of the vehicle, from manufacture to the end.

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A long history of safety

Renault builds on over a century of research & development on car security .

Innovating for you

Renault develops advanced technologies to prevent accidents .