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Renault develops advanced technologies to prevent accidents. Prevention begins with driver assistance in anticipating risks. Renault also offers equipment providing automatic management related to operations, allowing the driver to stay focused - for example, headlamps and automatic wipers. The Xenon headlights, Bi-Xenon lighting as well as enhanced cornering improve and optimise visibility and reaction time.


The driver assistance systems from Renault, featuring high end technology, were designed to compensate for driver error and provide a critical intervention that can save lives in extreme driving situations. Available on several models, equipment includes an optimised braking system with ABS and Emergency Brake Assist (EBA), the ESP (driving) with control and CSV understeer chassis "Four Control" four wheels, offering outstanding driving precision.

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A long history of safety

Renault builds on over a century of research & development on car security .

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Zipping through the urban jungle? Driving through rough terrain? Renault has the car for you.